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F-Theta Scan Lens
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F-Theta scan lens is a standard laser component of a laser marking, cutting and engraving system based on galvanometer scanning. F-Theta scan lens is designed to optimize for a flat field in the image plane through the air spaced design of the multi-elements system. Each component of F-Theta scan lens is coated with high power anti-reflective coating, the housing has a standard M85x1 thread.

Commonly used in laser marking, cutting and engraving system
Design for Nd:YAG(1064nm) laser
Multi Focal Length Available, Large Scan Fields
Air-Spaced Design, Suitable for high power application
Custom Design Available

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Standard Product

DocsPart NumberWavelength[nm]Focal[mm]Working Distance[mm]Scan Field[mm]Scan Angle[°]ThreadStockCart
Part NumberWavelength[nm]Focal[mm]Working Distance[mm]Scan Field[mm]Scan Angle[°]Thread

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Wavelength[nm]Focal[mm]Working Distance[mm]Scan Field[mm]Scan Angle[°]ThreadCart


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