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Fused silica is a widely used material with high chemical purity, good thermal characteristics and excellent homogeneity. Very good thermal expansion characteristic is an outstanding feature of fused silica. Fused Silica is primarily used in wider thermal application. Fused silica includes UV grade and IR grade.

Typical index Homogeneity:<8 x 10-6

Thermal Expansion Coefficient: 0.58 x 10-6/K (0℃to 200℃)

Density: 2.201 g/cm3

Fused Silica 

We default to use chinese fused silica, there are mainly three types of fused silica, JGS1, JGS2, JGS3, they are used for different application. Please refer to below for details.

JGS1 is mainly used for optics operating in the UV and the visible wavelength range. It is free of bubbles and inclusions. It is equivalent to Suprasil 1&2 and Corning 7980.

JGS2 is mainly used as mirror substrate, as it has tiny bubbles inside. It is equivalent to Homosil 1, 2&3.

JGS3 is transparent in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared spectral regions, but it has many bubbles inside. It is equivalent to Suprasil 300.

Please click here to view the detailed data sheet of JGS1, JGS2 & JGS3.

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