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Hollow Retroreflector
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Hollow Retroreflector is constructed by three first surface mirrors assembled into a corner cube prism. This produces a lightweight hollow corner cube which is totally insensitive to position and movement. It reflects the incident light back to its original source with good accuracy, regardless of the angle of incidence. Hollow Retroreflector is insensitive to chromatic dispersion of the refractive index of glass and the absorptive of glass, due to the optical path is in air. Hollow Retroreflector is installed in a mount features a variety of mounting holes.

Hollow Lightweight Design
No Chromatic Aberration & Material Absorption
As Low As 1 Arc Second Deviation
Low Reflected Wavefront Distortion
Stress-Free Mounting, Good Thermal Stability
 Protected Aluminum and Protected Gold Coating Available

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Part NumberDimension[mm]CA[mm]Wavefront[λ]DeviationCoating

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