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Hollow Roof Prism Mirror
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Hollow Roof Prism Mirror is constructed by two first surface right angle prism mirrors, the dihedral angle between two mirror surfaces is 90º ±5arcsec. Hollow Roof Prism Mirror is insensitive to chromatic dispersion of the refractive index of glass and the absorptive of glass, due to the optical path is in air, so it is widely used in interferometry and also building optical delay lines. Union Optic supply Hollow Roof Prism Mirror with different metal coatings, like aluminum, silver and gold coatings, dielectric coating is also available upon request.

Hollow Design, No Chromatic Aberration & Material Absorption
Dihedral Angle 90º ±5arcsec
<λ/4@633nm Reflected Wavefront Distortion
Aluminum, Silver, Gold & Dielectric Coating Available

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