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Laser Beam Expander
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Laser Beam Expander is used to compress the divergence angle of the beam by expanding the diameter of the laser beam, so it is widely used in laser ranging system or laser focus system. The beam through a laser beam expander features a smaller divergence angle, which can achieve the ideal effect in long distance measurement, and also we can get smaller and higher energy beam spot in the laser processing applications.

Consists of Two or Three Lenses

Expand Laser Beam Diameter

Compress Beam Divergence Angle

Multi Wavelengths & Magnifications Available

Black Anodized Aluminum Mount

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Standard Product

DocsPart NumberWavelength[nm]MagnificationD*L[mm]Maximum Exit Aperture[mm]Lens MaterialStockCart
Part NumberWavelength[nm]MagnificationD*L[mm]Maximum Exit Aperture[mm]Lens Material

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Wavelength[nm]MagnificationD*L[mm]Maximum Exit Aperture[mm]Lens MaterialCart


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