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Nd:YVO4 crystal is one of the most efficient laser host crystal currently existing for diode laser pumped solid state lasers. Its large stimulated emission cross-section at lasing wavelength, high absorption coefficient and wide absorption bandwidth at pump wavelength, high laser induced damage threshold as well as good physical, optical and mechanical properties make Nd:YVO4 an excellent crystal for high power, stable and cost effective diode pumped solid-state lasers.

Main Features

Low lasing threshold and high slope efficiency
Low dependency on pump wavelength
Large stimulated emission cross-section at lasing wavelength
High absorption over a wide pumping wavelength bandwidth
Optically uniaxial and large birefringence emits polarized laser

Typical Applications

For Single-longitudinal-mode output and compact design
Diode laser-pumped Nd:YVO4 compact laser and its frequency-doubled green, red or blue laser will be the ideal laser tools of machining, material processing, spectroscopy, wafer inspection, light show, medical diagnostics, laser printing and other most widespread applications

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