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Invented in the sixties of the last century, Nd:YAG has been and continue to be the most widely used laser crystal for solid-state crystal material. Its laser parameters are a good compromise between the strengths and weaknesses of its competition. Nd:YAG crystals are used in all types of solid-state lasers. Compared with others laser crystals, its fluorescence lifetime is twice more than Nd:YVO4 , and thermal conductivity is also better.

Main Features

Low Loss at 1064 nm, High Optical Quality , Good Mechanical and Thermal Properties
High Gain, Low Threshold, High Efficiency
Due to the cubic symmetry and high quality, Nd:YAG is easy to operate with TEM00 mode

Typical Applications

Produce blue laser with the frequency-doubling of 946nm
Be Q-switched with Cr:YAG directly
Be operated in a very high power laser up to KW level

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Part NumberMaterialDiameter[mm]Length[mm]Doping[%]End Wedge[°]AR Coating[nm]

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