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Telecom Waveplate
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Compared with cemented true zero order waveplate, telecom waveplate is only one quartz plate, it is mainly used in fiber communication. Telecom waveplates are thin & compact waveplates specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of fiber communication component. The half-wave plate can be used for rotating the polarization state while the quarter-wave plate can be used to convert linearly polarized light into a circular polarization state and vice versa. The half waveplate is about 91μm thick, the quarter waveplate is always not 1/4 wave but 3/4 wave, about 137µm in thickness.

These ultra thin waveplate ensures the best temperature bandwidth, angle bandwidth and wavelength bandwidth. The small size of these waveplates also makes them ideal for reducing the overall package size of your design. We can provide custom sizes per your request.

High Damage Threshold
Better Temperature Bandwidth
Wide Wavelength Bandwidth
Wide Acceptable Angle
Thickness >0.04mm
RoHS Compliant

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